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Have you ever returned from a sunny holiday, having spent many a sunny day around the pool and warm evenings along the beach, and considered a second home abroad?

The popularity of Spain for a holiday home or for a “new life” has been around since the 1950″s and now with millions of us enjoying low cost airline flights regularly it is now easier than ever to escape to the sun. However, since the Euro zone crisis in 2008 / 2009, the Spanish property market has seen up to 40% drop in prices, similar reduction in demand and a sceptical outlook from economic experts.  The good news is that such a reduction in prices has re-captured the imagination of many overseas investors who are once again returning to the Costa’s searching for property for sale in Spain.  Experts have commented on a noticeably more vibrant 2013 and with a positive start to 2014, maybe now is the time to return to Spain for the perfect home abroad.

Buying a New Home is often a difficult and stressful time (even in your home country) and the appeal of Buying Abroad can soon seem less attractive with the uncertainty of the process and only add many concerns around your final decision.  Our aim is to help our clients through the whole process from initial searches, viewing trips, legal support, completion of sale and after sales support.

 Having personal experience of buying a property abroad, we also have members of the team in Spain who have vast local knowledge and who understand the current market, has a wide choice of properties available and how to find the right property for you and (more importantly) at the right price!

 You may be at the initial stage of your search or you could be ready to make an offer on a property for sale in Spain.  Whatever stage of the process you at currently, contact us today to find out how we can assist you in your next steps.

 NEXT STEPS:  Many of you will be at different stages of the buying process (below) but we can help in all areas to make your move a smooth and enjoyable one!

·         Contact us with your initial request and we will send properties that match your requirements.

·         Arrange a viewing and our agents will meet you and guide you around the area and a choice of properties.

·         Make an offer and we will help negotiate the best price available for the property of your choice.

·         Secure a property for sale in Spain with an agreed deposit.

·         Apply for Spanish N.I.E and bank account (if required).  This is required if you are to purchase a property in Spain and our team can help in the process in Spain.

·         Legal help and advice can be offered from a selection of local solicitors to prepare for “exchange” of property.

·         After sales support can be offered in terms of renting your property (summer lettings or long-term), renovation or decoration services also available.

 We appreciate you have a wide choice of agents online and appreciate your interest in our website, we look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you in the next stages of your purchasing a place in the sun.

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